Tonton is a designbusiness that LOVES concrete

Tonton is a creative, danish designbusiness based on a vision of challenging the formal and aesthetic potential of concrete as a ressource for new functional products for homes who love concrete....


The Business has its roots in the scandinavian architectural tradition, where form, function and materiality are the basic ingredients in any creative process. No matter if it is a city, a house or a stool this process convey to the user a kind of intuitive interaction towards his or her context. It is this kind of simplicity and robustness that makes scandinavian design and architecture open to the needs of the user. It is not closed works of art, but useable everyday object for the art of living. My Ton_table_stool I see as this kind of robust, scandinavian design. It is design for those who find pleasure in the beauty of everyday object. It is both a table and a stool when needed. I call it "scandinavian architecture in miniture scale", because the design calls for the engagement of the user.


In my creative process, developing new Tonton products I primarily find pleasure in simple archaic, geometrical shapes and systems. At first my designs may seem simple, but scale, proportions, colours and materiality come together with the form and function of my designs in the above mentioned challenge. This is what keeps me inspired


I love concrete because....

Through out my career and my education as an architect I have studied and worked with concrete in many scales and shapes. From bridges and urban infrastructure to hugh building complexes and small houses. In modern society we are sourrounded by concrete. But often concrete only serves as constructive backdrop in the design of our physical environment. It is seen as a aneasthetic material. However within architecture many examples of the opposite is found. On of my favourites (and maybe the main reason for my love of concrete) is the architecture of the Aarhus based architectoffice Friis & Moltke. Especially their villas from the 1960's and 70's. In these villas concrete plays a very important role as both construction and aesthetic element. It is the meeting of the raw, brutal concrete and the soft warm blackpainted wood and greenery that makes these villas beautiful to my eye.




... And it is exactly this beautiful meeting between concrete and wood that was one of the main inspirations in starting Tonton. It is not only the floor, the walls and the ceiling sourrounding us that could be made of concrete but also the many object that makes up a great part of our homes. They need to be simple and robust in their functionality and shaping. Raw and at the same time fine in their materiality. This all adds up to our pleasure in looking, touching and using them as part of our everyday.


I am part of the process all the way (...Made by Danes)

Tonton is not just a designbusiness. We also take part in production to make sure that all products are produced in Denmark and of high quality. This is no coincidence as it is a long tradition in Denmark for the architect and designer to be part of not just the designdevelopment but also the production of new products. This way of working also ensures that production is controlled by danish standards for environmental protection and sustainability. This means your guarantee that no  underpaid working force, childlabor or unnecessary polution is involved in manufacturing Tonton products.


Foto: Sille Serup